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Ramadan Mubarak!

ACW would like to wish you all a happy and blessed Ramadan!

Here is a message from our president, Huda Giddens:

Dear Muslim friends – this is a prayer, by Mike Odetalla, that expresses exactly what I want to convey to you for this year’s Ramadan. May God bless you all, at this time of fasting and introspection.

May your blessings be too many to count
And your worries too few to matter

May your days be filled with sunshine
And your nights in comfort

May you never go hungry
And be able to share your bounty

May God bless and protect you
And strengthen your faith

May God bless the people
And answer their prayers.

Eid Mubarak wa Kul Sanna wa Antum bi Kheir

With my warmest regards,

ACW Board of Directors

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