Arab Festival 2011


October 8 & 9, 2011 from 11am – 7pm



This year’s theme:

Our theme this year is Al Noor: Illuminating the Faces of Arab Culture. We want to dispel stereotypes and misunderstanding by inviting people to come and meet Arab Americans. Amazing food, family fun, culture, history, music, art.

Where: Seattle Center – 305 Harrison Street, Seattle 98109

As the Center House will be closed for renovations this year, the Festival will take place in Fisher Pavilion and in Pavilion B, next to the Skateboard park.

Festival Headliners:

Our headliners this year are the Arabesque Trio. They are a subset of the Arabesque Music Ensemble (formerly known as the Chicago Ensemble). Bringing their musical expertise in both classical and traditional Arab music to the Mahrajan stage are Hicham Chami (Moroccan-born Kanoon player), Hanna Khoury (Arab-Israeli violinist), and Hafez El Ali Kotain (of Syrian heritage, on percussion.)

In addition to the Arabesque Trio, 2011 Arab Festival Al-Noor will also feature a performance and workshop by young Palestinian-American poet Remi Kanazi of New York City.  He’ll be bringing copies of his new book Poetic Injustice.

New this year:

Instead of individual “country booths” the festival will have an Arab Suite, which will include the Freedom Stage where there will be a variety of panel discussions, lectures, stories and presentations by local Arab Americans.  The Arab Suite will be dressed in Arab Décor with highlights from different countries, symbolizing our unity. Guests will have opportunity to get to know who the Arab’s really are over tea/coffee and sweets, by meeting us and having meaningful conversations. The Arab Suite will be housed in Seattle Center’s Pavillion B, which is next to the new skateboard park.

This promises to be a truly inspirational festival. Bring your family and friends.

Festival Food:

As the Center House will be closed, we hope to have a number of food vendors offering a variety Arab cuisine, including traditional delicious falafel and shawarma sandwiches.

Other Highlights:

Family Activities – it’s not just for kids anymore! Be the first to fill out ‘your passport’ with the most Arab countries for great prizes.

Special Presentation: A Land With a People by Hanna Eady – Palestine is perhaps the most misunderstood culture in the Arab world. A Land With a People will shed light on the people, culture and history of Palestine prior to and during the occupation, telling the whole story of the Palestinian people in a compelling, compassionate, and non-confrontational way. Palestine and the issues surrounding it are truly transnational. They are an undercurrent fueling pan-Arab discontent and many current events, and are a vital piece of the collective Arab identity. Palestine is in many ways the achilles’ heel of the Arab world. Understanding Palestine and its people is key to understanding the region as a whole.

Festal Fabric of America Project:

The Arab Festival 2011 is excited to announce its participation in the Festál Fabric of America Project: E=mc2! This special project, funded by the Wallace Foundation and the Washington State Arts Commission, is a participatory art project that lets you express your passion, your pride, and your point of view on ethnicity and cultural heritage in 2011. We will be showcasing your submission both at the 2011 Arab Festival and on our website!

Our question “What does Arab culture look like?” invites you to move beyond the stereotypes and appreciate Arab Culture in all of its depth and diversity.

Create an image by answering our question through images, symbols, and words, then submit it! Share with people from all walks of life and backgrounds in drawing a complex yet meaningful picture of Arab Culture. Define Arab Culture and what matters to you!

Visit the FFAP Facebook page to check out the project, and upload your images to the Arab Festival Festal Project website!

Arab Spring: A Cultural Revolution

Join us for conversation and discussion honoring the recent wave of uprisings sweeping the Arab World and their ability to inspire a new cultural renaissance across the region. Learn about the significance of the Arab Spring on many levels, including historical and cultural. The panel includes Arab Americans from Libya, Syria, Egypt, Tunisia, and Palestine who have firsthand accounts from their recent travels.

Traditional Favorites:

·         Coffee Tent

·         Food vendors

·         Music by local bands

·         Retail and Non-Profit Booths

Contact Information:

To volunteer, please contact volunteer (at) arabcenterwa (dot) org.

For booth/food vendor applications or other information about the festival, please contact programs (at) arabcenterwa (dot) org

To buy an advertisement in our program guide, please contact info (at) arabcenterwa (dot) org

To donate, become a sponsor or for more information about ACW, please contact info (at) arabcenterwa (dot) org