Festál Fabric of America Project: E=mc2

The Arab Festival 2011 is excited to announce its participation in the Festál Fabric of America Project: E=mc2! FFAP: E=mc2 (Engaging through Media spreading Culture at the speed of light) is the participatory art project that lets you express your passion, your pride, and your point of view on ethnicity and cultural heritage in 2011.


Our question “What does Arab culture look like?” invites you to move beyond the stereotypes and appreciate Arab Culture in all of its depth and diversity.

Create an image by answering our question through images, symbols, and words, then submit it! Share with people from all walks of life and backgrounds in drawing a complex yet meaningful picture of Arab Culture. Define Arab Culture and what matters to you!

Visit the FFAP Facebook page to check out the project, and upload your images to the Arab Festival Festal Project website!