About Us

Culture is holistic, integrated, permeating every aspect of life. Passed down from generation to generation, culture is by its very nature, shared. Culture is the orchestra of human interaction.

Celebrating Culture; Building Bridges

In today’s world of unprecedented events, sensational media, and viral internet, the actions of a radical few drown out the voices of the peaceful majority. Fear colors popular perception. The result? The Arab – and what it means to be Arab – is largely misunderstood. In today’s world, education is paramount. bridges must be built, bonds must be strengthened, and misconceptions laid to rest. Culture, and the sharing of it, is the binding force of humanity. This is why the Arab Center of Washington exists.

Who we are:

Founded in 1992, the Arab Center of Washington (ACW) is a non-profit organization working in Washington State to foster deeper understanding of and appreciation for the richness and vibrancy of Arab culture and its contributions, through educational programs and community outreach events. ACW is a cooperative of community organizations, associations, and individuals – Arab and non-Arab alike – who share a passion for Arab culture and a desire to see it accurately represented and holistically reflected.

What We Do:

✦ ACW illuminates the faces of Arab culture by focusing on human interaction and the shared human experience.

✦ ACW builds bridges for a better tomorrow by providing education and platforms for civic engagement, promoting dialogue, removing misconceptions, and forging relationships, mutual understanding and common ground.

✦ ACW celebrates culture by highlighting Arab history, contributions, food, music, and art.

ACW Programming:

Includes dinners, historical events, symposiums, forums, seminars, community gatherings, picnics, a biennial fashion show, and a signature Arab Festival every other year.

ACW believes Arab culture, in all of its richness and diversity, has something to offer all people. ACW’s vision is to strengthen relationships between Arabs, Arab Americans, and the wider community, and to see all people in the Pacific Northwest benefit from ACW programs and services, while gaining an enhanced and realistic understanding of what is means to be Arab.

To volunteer, partner, donate, or for more information, contact:

The Arab Center of Washington 12525 28th Ave NE, 2nd Floor, Seattle, WA 98125

Email: info (at) arabcenterwa (dot) org