Who is Top Score of Champions League this Season?

Being top scorer is a dream of many strikers in the world. Talking about football, we can’t skip about some top clubs in Europe that join Champions League. Every club has some talented strikers; even there are some strikers who are predicted to be top scorer of Champion League this season. Actually, there are so many prestigious leagues can be joined by football clubs in Europe. But, Champions League is very prestigious. Every club wants to get Champions League’s trophy. For a club, getting Champions Leagues’ trophy is happiness. How about the players?   Who is Top Score of Champions League this Season

Players, especially striker feels so happy if his club can get trophy, but the player will be happier if he can be top scorer. This season, some players predicted will be top scorer of Champions League. In the beginning of Champions League, many people predict that Neymar will be top scorer. But, it may not happen because this player has gotten injuries. It looks terrible for Neymar, because he has lost his chance to be top scorer of Championship Leagues. He has played in 6 matches, and then couldn’t continue to play in Champions League because of his injuries.

Neymar will get surgery in Brazil and need recovery time to make his condition well. He can’t play as striker of PSG when PSG faces Barcelona in second leg of knockout phase. It will be held on March 7, 2018. Because of Neymar’s absence, there will be other candidates who can be top scorer of Champions League. Who are they? Here are some candidates predicted will be top scorer of Champions League this season:

Cristiano Ronaldo Top Scorer

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is the strongest candidate for getting top scorer title of Champions League this season. As we know that his rival is Neymar, but Neymar can’t join other matches in Champions League because of his injuries. So, there is possibility for Ronaldo to be top scorer, because his rival can’t score goals anymore this season. From 7 matches of Champions League, Ronaldo has scored 11 goals. It looks so productive. In other word, Ronaldo could score goal every 57 minutes in 630 minutes of matches. It means this player could score 1.57 goals per match. Although many people said that his performance looks decreased, but he is still able to be productive striker who can score goal in every match. Ronaldo will be a threat for some clubs, such as PSG. PSG has been defeated by Real Madrid in the first leg of knockout phase. Ronaldo will play more consistent in the second leg. It will be a chance for him to score other goals, so he can be the strongest candidate who can be top scorer of Champions League this season.

Roberto Firmino Liverpool

Roberto Firmino

Roberto Firmino is a striker of Liverpool. Same with Ronaldo, this striker has good talents and skill when playing in Champions League. But, the number of his goals is lower than Ronaldo’s goals. Ronaldo has scored 11 goals from 7 matches, while Firmino has scored 7 goals from 7 matches. But, it doesn’t mean that Firmino doesn’t have a chance to be top scorer. If he can play consistently, he may be able to defeat Ronaldo. He just needs to score more goals in other match, so he can have a chance to be top scorer of Champions League. Firmino could score goal every 82 minute. It means, this player can score 1 goal in every match. Firmino is not only talented striker of Liverpool. He is also talented in giving assist. There are 12 assists given by him to his partner, and 4 assists has created goals in some matches. No wonder if he becomes one of strongest candidate to be top scorer of Champions League this season. Harry Kane Tottenham Hotspur

Harry Kane

Actually, there are some clubs that look shining in Champions League. For example is Tottenham Hotspur. This club looks shining because having talented striker, who is Harry Kane. Yes, Harry Kane is other candidate who can be top scorer of Champions League this season. Harry Kane called as one of top football players in the world. No wonder if he has good skills and talents. He also often scores goal in every match. From 6 matches, Kane has scored 7 goals. In other word, he could score goal in every 72 minutes. So, we can conclude that Kane could score 1.17 goals per match. Kane is a 24 years old player who has brilliant career. Many clubs want to recruit him, but he looks comfort when becomes a player of Liverpool Hotspur. Kane is not only best striker for his team, but also a player who can give accurate assist. In Champions League, Kane has given 2 assists. It means that he not only has talents in scoring goals, but also in giving assists to his partner. Mohamed Salah Liverpool Player

Mohamed Salah

Liverpool has some talented players who can be top scorer of Champions League. Same with Firmino, Mohamed Salah is a player of Liverpool and has a same chance to be a top scorer. Even, Mohamed Salah often called as a goal machine of Liverpool. No wonder if he becomes one of strongest candidates who will be top scorer. This player has scored 6 goals from 7 matches. In other word, he could score goal every 96 minute from 577 minutes of matches. Mohamed Salah is also able to create many chances for his partner to score goal. And then, some chances given by him become 2 goals. So, we can call this player as a talented football player who deserves to be top scorer of Champions League.

Other candidate who can be top scorer is Lionel Messi. But until today, he has scored 4 goals. It means that other candidates are stronger than him in becoming a top scorer this season. But, there is so many possibilities because Champions League is not over yet. Whoever who will be top scorer, he is such a talented football player. He will have brilliant career in the future and has a chance to bring his team to many victories.